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Website Terms and Conditions

A set of website terms and conditions are essential for all websites. The Ecommerce Regulations 2002 makes it a legal requirement that all UK websites have certain minimum information on them. This information includes the contact details for the website and where a service or goods are being provided the identity of the supplier. An ideal place to put this information is in the website’s terms and conditions. In addition to being a place to deal with the legal obligations imposed on a website publisher, the terms set out a websites contractual position with its visitors and customers.

The terms and conditions on this website are specifically suitable for UK websites and have been prepared for us by the legal forms and documents experts at legalcentre.co.uk. If you have a US website then visit our US site: The law on privacy varies between those countries in the European Union such as the UK and the US. The terms on this site can be adapted for use in any other European Union country but because the specific ecommerce legislation varies a little in each country this should only be undertaken by someone with suitable experience.

Download Website Terms and Conditions
The template website terms and conditions that are available for download free from our site are suitable for most types of websites. Specifically: information websites or brochure style websites; online eCommerce websites selling either goods or services; personal websites such as weblogs or personal blogs; and a variety of similar websites. The template is prepared in a manner that gives you a number of options which will expand the scope of the terms and conditions if required. This makes the terms suitable for use by premium content or subscription websites where access is required through membership registration which can be paid or unpaid.

We would like to say a thank you to all of the visitors that have downloaded our free template documents. We have seen our privacy policies on sites ranging from the cash card info site to the car finance sites on auto loans. All of which we would like to thank you for downloading our templates.