After storming the Al-Aqsa courtyards and expelling the worshipers, settlers burn a house in Sinjil, and the occupation forces clash in Tulkarm

Today, Sunday, groups of extremist settlers stormed the courtyards of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, under heavy security from the Israeli occupation forces, while armed confrontations broke out in the Nur Shams camp, east of Tulkarm, between Palestinian resistance fighters and the occupation forces. Since the morning, the occupation police have deployed their special forces and … Read more

The National Interest: The attacks on US forces in Syria embody Washington’s turbulent policy in the Middle East

Lamon: It is China and Russia that are now helping to stabilize the Middle East, and even support American interests. An American writer described the attacks on American forces in Syria as embodying Washington’s turbulent policy in the Middle East, and called on it to re-evaluate this policy to achieve its most vital national interests. … Read more

David Hirst: How could British politics trigger a third intifada?

The editor-in-chief of Middle East Eye (Middle East EyeDavid Hearst Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in Britain on Friday, declared that he does not control the country, pointing to civilian demonstrations and demonstrations of military insurrection in the streets for weeks, protesting moves to neutralize Israel’s highest court. Hearst added that Netanyahu does … Read more

For the second day… Mutual shelling in eastern Syria, and the death toll from the American targeting of militias loyal to Iran

The US warplanes launched new air strikes today, Saturday, on military points of pro-Iranian militias in eastern Syria, in response to the missile and suicide drone attacks on US bases Friday night. This comes while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported today, Saturday, that the death toll of pro-Iranian militias as a result of … Read more

The team’s clinic is crowded with players.. Barcelona is drowning in the quicksand of injuries

No sooner had Barcelona’s clinic been emptied of the injured players than it was filled again, and the latest news indicates that there are 5 players. In addition to the Frenchman Osman Dembele and the Spanish Pedri, there is the Uruguayan Araujo, the Danish Andreas Christensen and the Dutchman Frankie de Jong, and the injury … Read more

With the new application of WhatsApp for computers, it is possible to make group calls

WhatsApp, the world’s most used social media app, has introduced a new WhatsApp application for computers or laptops that will make it possible to make group calls. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook and parent company MetaPlatform, announced on Facebook that a new app has been introduced for Windows computers and laptops, adding calling features to … Read more

The “Union and Progress” Association in Turkey..the organization that deposed the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II

“Union and Progress” is a revolutionary Turkish organization that was founded under the name “Ottoman Union Society” on June 2, 1889, then changed its name in 1915, and sought to change the system of government and establish a “modern democratic state.” The association was able to depose Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1909 and reach … Read more